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At The Moment…

Kimchee PastaGem is doing her best to duplicate California Girls’ amazing kimchee pasta recipe.

Red EyeKin is trying exciting new things. (Note: Trying exciting new things is not always a good idea, especially if they involve beer and tomatoes in the same can)

FireworksWe are seeing these beauties almost every weekend. Gotta love the Japanese summer; the heat is intense but the fireworks make up for it.

IMG_0303We are trying out our wonderful new camera! (Visitors to our Facebook page may have already seen “The Blair Wasp Project” one of Kin’s first experiences with the Powershot; we are very, very happy that it’s a Toughcam!)

Cool Japan (tanuki)

We are showing new JETs around our wonderful town.

IMG_0316We have run out of pins AGAIN, working on the photo wall.

2013-08-21 21.38.29

We are counting down until Gem’s mother comes to visit!

What’s going on in your world at the moment?

Gem and Kin

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  1. sfalconer

    Have fun in Ishigaki! 😀

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