By Gem

Are you a Busy Person? Do you know any? You know, the ones you just sort of watch with admiration, while they study, work, pursue hobbies and manage an active social life? Or, alternately, the ones who constantly bustle about, doing tiny jobs you don’t care about or would much rather do for yourself – and getting in your way while they do it?

Or are you a Lazy Person? Do you know some? The friends you can trust to be at home when you need a bed for the night or just a cup of tea and a chat? Or, perhaps, the person with whom you are attempting to live, work or, God help you, do a group project, who won’t even manage their own life, let alone take on group responsibilities?

Being a Busy Person or a Lazy Person has nothing to do with being a good person or a bad person. They are both valid ways of life, with their own advantages and disadvantages and both leave you with an equal possibility of making yourself incredibly awesome or an incredible jerk.

I am a Lazy Person. So is Kin. EXTREMELY lazy. Almost cripplingly so, in fact. The reason that it hasn’t been crippling is that I have learned to manage my condition. I haven’t tried to turn my Lazy self into a Busy one. I have simply learned to work with the way I am.

Lazy Lifestyle is about the ways in which I manage to feed Kin and myself, tend my garden, work, exercise, learn new skills, see my friends and basically attempt to live a normal life while still leaving plenty of time to be Lazy. The strategies are simple (e.g. menu-planning, budgeting) as are the philosophies (live mindfully, appreciate what you have, etc) but both encourage analysis of big and small picture details. This is helpful for Lazy People (who tend to lack motivation) as well as Busy People (who tend to lack focus).

If you are Lazy and efficient, you will outperform almost every Busy Person out there, because you won’t waste your effort on busywork. Alternately, if you are Busy and efficient, there will be almost nothing you can’t achieve.

Let’s get to work!