We mostly wanted to write a quick note to say that Gem has started a Facebook page! So if you want to, you can like us over there, without getting constant naggy emails every time we post.

Other things that are going on in our world right now are:

IMG_5653Kin has been sketching at work (this is Timbuktu, his visit school coworker).

IMG_5148We are enjoying final farewells with friends.

IMG_5318Gem is making a lot of salad (the last of the iceberg lettuce need to be used RIGHT now, before the heat dissolves it into pots of sludge; the leafing varieties are still going strong).
IMG_5491We are enjoying warm summer nights in beautiful places. This is the August illumination at Kodaiji, a lesser-known temple in Kyoto in one of our favourite areas.
IMG_5656Gem has started this book (under Kin’s guidance) and can feel new synapses fizzing into existence. For an example of Gem’s current artistic ability, please look here.
IMG_5227We are relishing everything a Nagahama summer has to offer!

Bring on August!