By GemMaya and Krieg

Okay, probably not a lot of forms as weird as Maya and Krieg, but the point still stands. There are lots of ways to be romantic and lots of ways to make a partnership. I’m just so glad that we’ve made one together!

On this day, seven years ago, we transitioned from five years of shacking up to our very first day of wedded bliss. And every day, I’m still so happy we’re together.

We’ve had adventures (and created homes) wherever we find ourselves. We’ve annoyed children and wildlife over four nations and two oceans (and have some of the scars to prove it). We’ve done poorer and (slightly) richer, we’ve done sickness and health. We’ve done a lot over the last seven years, but the best part is that we’ve done it together.

My darling, it’s so much fun being married to you! Let’s keep doing it forever!

Happy Anniversary